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Law Enforcement District Proposition (Millage Renewal)

Proposition: Law Enforcement District Proposition (Millage Renewal)

The Proposition:

Shall the Law Enforcement District of the Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana (the “District”) be authorized to continue to levy and collect, and adopt a resolution providing for such levy and collection, of a special ad valorem tax of three and seventy-three hundredths (3.73) mills on the dollar of assessed valuation of all property subject to taxation within the boundaries of the Parish of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana (the “Tax”) (an estimated $16,386,290 reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the tax for an entire year) for a period of ten (10) years, beginning with the tax collection for the year 2021, and annually thereafter to and including the year 2030, with the proceeds of said Tax to be used for operational purposes of the District?

What Does It Mean:

Renewal of this millage will provide operational funds for the EBR Sheriff’s Office.  It accounts for $16.38 million, almost 17% of the EBR Sheriff’s Office budget.  It supports the EBR Sheriff’s 24-hour patrols, school response, community out-reach and policing, securing & rehabilitating all booked in parish prison, courthouse and courtroom activity, and civil service activities (subpoena/writ delivery & business/financial affairs of sheriff’s office)

Voting YES Means...

The taxpayers continue to fund 17 percent of the EBR Sheriff’s budget for another 10 years.

Voting NO Means...

The tax is not renewed and the Sheriff’s office budget will decrease by 17 percent.

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