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Jefferson Place/Bocage Crime Prevention and Improvement District Proposition (Expansion)

Proposition: Jefferson Place/Bocage Crime Prevention and Improvement District Proposition (Expansion)

The Proposition:

Shall the boundaries of the Jefferson Place/Bocage Crime Prevention and Improvement District (“District”) be expanded to include Lots 39, 40, 41, 42A, 43 and 44 of Bocage Lakes Subdivision, as established on the official subdivision plat filed with the East Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court where, if approved by the voters of the District, each improved parcel will be subject to an annual parcel fee of $500 for promoting and encouraging security, the beautification, and overall betterment of the District and for all related matters as set forth in La. R.S. 33:9097.12 for 10 years beginning in 2022 and ending in 2031 and subject to increase by the District’s Board to an amount not to exceed $540 provided no annual parcel fee shall be imposed on any parcel whose owner qualified for and received the special assessment level provided by Article VII, Section 18(G)(1) of the Constitution of Louisiana, prior to January 1, 2020 (the estimated initial collection is $3,000)?

What Does It Mean:

A Crime Prevention District is a form of special tax district that collects taxes for a defined area to be used for a specific purpose. This proposition is only on your ballot if you live in the defined area of the district. TheJefferson Place/Bocage District specifically charges a $500 service charge per year for all lots in the district.

Voting YES Means...

Expands the Jefferson Place/Bocage Crime Prevention District to include 6 additional lots. The owners of these lots will then be required to pay the $500 per year fee for the District. These funds will be spent on extra police patrols and beautification projects within the district.

Voting NO Means...

The Jefferson Place/Bocage District does not expand to include the 6 properties named in the proposition. The boundary remains the same and these properties are not charged the fee.

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