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East Side Fire Protection District No. 5 Proposition

Proposition: East Side Fire Protection District No. 5 Proposition

The Proposition:

Shall East Side Fire Protection District No. 5 of East Baton Rouge Parish, State of Louisiana (the “District”), under Article VI, Sections 19, 30, and 32 of the Louisiana Constitution, Part I of Chapter 7 and Statutes 40:1501, et seq., of the Louisiana Revised Statutes, as amended, and other constitutional and statutory authority, be authorized to levy and collect an ad valorem property tax of six and one half (6.50) mills (the “Tax”) on property subject to taxation in the District for a period of ten (10) years, commencing in year 2020 and annually thereafter to and including year 2029, which estimated amount of such Tax reasonably expected to be collected is approximately $573,843.01 for each entire year of the levy, and shall the avails or proceeds of said Tax be used for the costs and expenses related to hiring and employing firefighters and personnel, their benefits, and the purchase, development, operation, and maintenance of District equipment, facilities, and property, and paying the charges and costs of water for fire protection purposes, including fire hydrant rentals and service, within the District?

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