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Chaneyville Fire Protection District No. 7 Proposition No. 1 of 2

Proposition: Chaneyville Fire Protection District No. 7 Proposition No. 1 of 2

The Proposition:

Shall the Chaneyville Fire Protection District No. 7 of the Parish of East Baton Rouge, State of Louisiana (the “District”), be authorized to levy and collect a fifteen (15) mills ad valorem tax (the “Tax”), beginning in the year 2021 to and including the year 2030 (an estimated $96,000 is reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the Tax for an entire year), in each calendar year on all property subject to taxation in the District, and shall the avails or proceeds of said Tax (after paying reasonable and necessary expenses of collection and administering the Tax, if any) be used by the District to acquire, construct, improve, maintain and/or operate facilities and equipment to provide fire protection services in and for the District, including the purchase of fire trucks and other fire fighting equipment, and to pay the costs of obtaining water for fire protection purposes, including hydrant rentals and service in lieu of the ten (10) mills ad valorem tax approved by voters on November 19, 2011 currently levied by the District for the same purposes for a ten (10) year period, beginning with the year 2012 and ending with the year 2021?

What Does It Mean:

A Fire Protection District is a form of special tax district that collects taxes for a defined area to be used for a specific purpose. This proposition is only on your ballot if you live in the defined area of the district. The Chaneyville Protection District specifically charges a 15 mills ad valorem tax for all residential and commercial buildings in the district.

Voting YES Means...

Renews the Chaneyville Fire Protection District for another 10 years, 2021-2030. This will charge a 15 mills ad valorem tax for each residential or commercial building. An estimated $96,000 will be collected by this charge per year from the entire district. These funds will be spent on fire protection purposes within the district.

Voting NO Means...

The Fire Protection District is not renewed. Funding from this tax is no longer available for the area’s fire protection services.

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