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Central Community School Board Proposition

Proposition: Central Community School Board Proposition

The Proposition:

Shall the Central Community School Board, acting as the governing authority of the Central Community School System (the “District”), incur debt and issue bonds not exceeding $23,000,000, in one or more series, to run not exceeding 20 years from date thereof, with interest at a rate not exceeding 7% per annum, for the purpose of acquiring and/or improving lands for building sites and playgrounds; including construction of necessary sidewalks and streets adjacent thereto; purchasing, erecting and/or improving school buildings and other school related facilities, including, to the extent feasible, those specific school projects set forth in the “Capital Improvements Plan” approved by the School Board on January 9, 2020, and acquiring the necessary equipment and furnishings therefor, title to which shall be in the public; which bonds will be general obligations of the District payable from ad valorem taxes levied and collected in the manner provided by Article VI, Section 33 of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana of 1974 and statutory authority supplemental thereto, with no estimated increase in the millage rate to be levied in the first year of issue above the 23.65 mills currently being levied to pay General Obligation Bonds of the District?

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