Who works for BRVotes?

BRVotes is a 100% volunteer made voter guide. Volunteers are Baton Rouge residents with a passion for voter education.

How is BRVotes funded?

BRVotes is a project of parent organization Progressive Social Network of Baton Rouge. PSNBR funds the guide with donated money and grants. 

Money is only spent on advertising and web hosting.

Do you endorse candidates?

We do not and never will endorse candidates. All candidates for a position are given the same surveys, deadlines, and access to our team.

There is a typo in a candidate’s survey.

Candidate answers are copied directly to the website with no corrections for spelling and grammar. 

Does BRVotes cover every election?

BRVotes researches every candidate on the ballot in EBR city limits. 

We do surveys for as many elections as possible

How do you contact candidates?

We contact candidates multiple times using the information they provide to the Secretary of State’s office. We email, make calls, and USPS mail all of the candidates we cover. 

Can I help make BRVotes?

YES. Anyone who is not running for office or staffing a candidates’ campaign can volunteer.

How do I get involved?

Contact us at brvotes@psnbr.org or current Project Manager colleen@psnbr.org

Special thanks to our volunteers over the last four years:

Christine, Quintin, William, Bill, Ara, Colleen, Anne Marie, Ereene, Julie, Jennifer H., Jennifer C., Jasmine, Melanie, Cody, Lang, Janet, Suzanne, Sydney, Jahi, Erica, and many, many more

BR Votes is a project of Progressive Social Network, a non-partisan 501(c)3 non-profit organization