Steve Carter


Steve Carter

Political Party Republican
Campaign Website:
225-924-0735/(301) 246-0483
P.O. Box 80145 Baton Rouge 70898


Ranked Statements

1. The East Baton Rouge mask mandate is lawful and should remain in place as long as necessary.
2. East Baton Rouge Parish should continue disputing the incorporation of St. George.
3. LGBTQ individuals and families should be protected locally from discrimination in the workplace, housing, and public accommodations.
4. Baton Rouge and other municipalities should have legal control over their area’s minimum wage.
5. Public buildings should be built with consideration of renewable energy.


Short-answer Questions

1. Why are you running for Mayor and how have your experiences prepared you for the responsibilities of this office?

I’m running for Mayor because I want my grandchildren to have the same opportunities I’ve had, while still residing in East Baton Rouge Parish, and if we continue on our current path, I don’t see that being a reality.

My unique experience as Chairman of the Capitol Region Legislative Delegation has prepared me to address the issues facing our city, through collaboration with elected officials from all different political stripes. This unique experience makes me exceptionally qualified for the role of Mayor-President

2. What are your top two priorities for your term in office?

My two top priorities are public safety and creating a city-parish that is more inviting to private industry and future residents.

3. How will you work to decrease flooding in East Baton Rouge?

I will improve our department of drainage maintenance through extreme accountability, privatization if necessary. I will also ensure that the funds provided by federal grants and loans to combat flooding are used efficiently and effectively.

4. How will you address East Baton Rouge’s heavy traffic?

I will prioritize the projects in MoveEBR that actually do something to reduce gridlock in our city instead of projects that provide that best photo opportunity.

5. What is your plan for attracting new businesses and residents to East Baton Rouge?

We have to turn East Baton Rouge a place where people want live. Industry is attracted to safe, affordable cities with excellent educations and opportunities for their families. Economic development should not just be a buzzword, it should be an approach that takes a holistic look at our city, because businesses are certainly doing so when they consider moving to Baton Rouge.

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