Shashonnie Steward


Shashonnie Steward

Political Party Democrat
Candidate Bio:

In a runoff against Monique Wicks Robinson


Ranked Statements

I support programs that replace traditional and/or remedial courses with advanced and/or college level courses in our district.
I believe that the racial demographics of the school districts should equitably represent the population of Baton Rouge.
Strongly Agree
I support the creation of a separate school district for St. George.
Family poverty levels affect student test scores, therefore we need a system that takes overall school poverty level into account in order to give a more accurate measure of student performance.
Strongly Agree
The school district should have the authority to mandate vaccines for children in public schools.
The school district should provide curriculum that is sensitive to race, gender, and culture.
Strongly Agree
Recess time should be required in both elementary AND middle schools.


Short-answer Questions

What is your relationship with the public school system? (Did you attend, did/are your children/grandchildren attend(ing)). Have you attended school board meetings in the past? How would your presence improve the board?

I am the 1997 Class Salutatorian of Capitol High, so it’s personal for me. Not only have I attended past board meetings, I am also a member of the Capitol High Alumni Association. I plan to infuse the board with my network, resources and ability to find consensus.

Do you support the creation of more charter schools in Baton Rouge? What criteria would you use to determine whether to approve them? What solution would you propose to address the growing budget deficits as charters receive more dedicated funds from the general budget?

I would support the creation of additional charter schools when there is a direct need and its presence does not impede the success of a neighboring district school. I believe that quarterly enrollment audits should be performed and if a charter’s enrollment falls below a certain percentage, then that organization must pay a portion of their allotment back to the approving district.

What role does a school board member play in addressing the local challenges concerning teacher retention and hiring? How will you address the district’s teacher shortage?

The member plays a vital role in setting policies that support and strengthen district relationships. The board has budgetary authority and so I commit to finding efficiencies to bring our teachers’ pay in-line.


The Industrial Tax Exemption Program gives exemption of property tax to industry. What is your criteria for approving or denying ITEP exemptions for the school board portion of the tax?

My criteria is that the performance of the schools in the district that the ITEP is granted shall be considered before renewal. If these businesses will be given incentives, then the schools that they impact should be incentivized as well. In conclusion, an ITEP should only be granted with the sponsoring of school(s) in that district.

Would you like to clarify any of your ranked choice responses?

-I do not believe there is a one-size fits all solution. However, I wholeheartedly believe that if the students are center-focus, we can make lasting and impactful strides as change agents.

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