Roy Daryl Adams


Roy Daryl Adams

Running for:
Political Party Independent/No Party
Campaign Website:
P.O. Box 1440, Jackson, LA 70748
Candidate Bio:
Hello, District 62. My name is Roy Daryl Adams. As a lifelong resident to the Feliciana with family ties to the northern part of East Baton Rouge, I am excited to announce my candidacy for Louisiana State Representative for District 62. This seat was left vacant when Representative Kenny Havard was elected to West Feliciana Parish President on November 6, 2018.
A 1976 graduate of Jackson High School, I have long served my community as an active member of First Baptist Church of Jackson, attended Southwest Mississippi Junior College and Northeastern University in Monroe.
Adams Enterprises, a long-standing hallmark of the Jackson community, has been a small business that I have been proud to be a part of. Through this business, my parents Julia and the late Maurice Adams Sr. would help anyone in need. This experience, and these demonstrated behaviors, taught me from an early age to be willing to work hard and always to help others. I think my dad would be proud and I know that my mother is proud that I have continued their legacy to help those in need and give to organizations and to groups that do, too. I have also been an independent contractor for over 15 years for the The Capital City Press.
I have been married to my wife, Tanya, for 38 years. We have three wonderful sons, an amazing daughter, and three beautiful grandchildren. It is through these lives in which I gain strength, it is through the community that I have pride and through each other that I want to make us all stronger together. My children and grandchildren include Jarid Adams, who lives in St. Francisville; Jermi Adams and his wife, Ashley, live with their two children in Zachary. My daughter Jada and her husband, Jude Barber, live with their daughter in Metairie while my youngest son, Jayce, lives in Jackson.
To note, I am not running as a candidate for a particular party, but rather, as an Independent so that I can equally represent each and everyone living in our lovely District 62.


Ranked Statements

The gasoline tax should be increased to address the backlog of unaddressed infrastructure needs.
Louisiana should raise the minimum wage and enforce pay equity.
Strongly Agree
Access to healthcare through Medicare expansion should be maintained or expanded.
Strongly Agree
Tax exemptions under ITEP should be subject to approval by the local taxing authorities whose revenues are reduced when those exemptions are granted.
Strongly Agree
Legislative and state agency district lines should be drawn by an independent non-partisan entity to limit gerrymandering.
Strongly Agree
Louisiana should pass the Equal Rights Amendment.
Strongly Agree
Louisiana should have a statewide nondiscrimination bill that protects against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
Strongly Agree
Louisiana should add an "X" gender marker to drivers' licenses for nonbinary and intersex citizens to be able to access accurate and appropriate identity documents, as is current practice in Arkansas and 11 other states.


Short-answer Questions

How would you work to address issues of pre-K, K-12, and college funding?

You would have Dedicated tax base that would only go to education the lottery would be dedicated to education like it was supposed to be mini years ago

Do you believe that the current tax system, which depends largely on sales tax that has a greater impact on lower-income families, is a fair tax system? What changes to the tax system, if any, would you support?


What legislation would you support to deal with coastal restoration and climate change needs?

I personally would need more information about each of these problems but I would be willing to work to come up with a solution

What legislation would you support to address the economic and infrastructure needs of small towns?

Small towns have all the problems of large cities But without the money we need to set up a program that would dedicate X amount of dollars to small cities to help with their problems

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