Ronald ‘Ron’ Johnson


Ronald ‘Ron’ Johnson

Political Party Democrat
Campaign Website:
328 N. Eugene St., Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Candidate Bio:


  • Baton Rouge High School (1972)
  • Southern University, Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering (1977)
  • Southern University Law Center, Juris Doctorate – Cum laude (1984)
  • Christian Bible College, Master of Divinity (2005)


  • Death Penalty Defense Law & Mitigation; Chicago, Illinois; DePaul University, College of Law (2007)
  • Death Penalty College; Santa Clara, California; Santa Clara University (2007)
  • Death Penalty Seminar; Louisiana Public Defender Association; Marksville, Louisiana (2007)
  • National Criminal Defense College; Mercer Law School; Macon, Georgia (2008)
  • Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; Legislative Committee (2008)
  • Death Penalty Seminar; Louisiana Public Defender Association; Marksville, Louisiana (2009)
  • East Baton Rouge Parish Minister’s Conference (2010)


  • Johnson & Lavergne Law Offices (1984 – 1987)
  •  Louisiana  Department of Justice – Assistant Attorney General (1987-1989)
  • Johnson & Associates, LLC (1987 – present)


  • Member of the Louisiana State Bar Association and Federal Bar Association
  • East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Member, District 5 (1989 – 1995)
  • Baton Rouge Recreation and Parks Commission; Board Representative (1989-1992)
  •  NAACP Member


  • Married to Andrea Johnson
  • Five daughters and four grandchildren
  • Assistant Pastor of New Rising Sun Baptist Church
  • Pro Life


Ranked Statements


Short-answer Questions

What is your personal experience with pro bono work? Do you believe all citizens have adequate access to legal help and the legal system? How can this access be improved?

I have provided pro bono work with many of my criminal cases. I do not think that many of our citizens do not have manful access to the criminal justice system. I believe it can be improved by providing services in different manners along with quality resources and proper funding.

A federal court recently ruled that New Orleans’ municipal cash bail system was unconstitutional in part due to the failure to make individualized inquiries into the ability to pay. What is your approach to the cash bail system? What are the programs you are aware of to help those with financial difficulties?

Cash bail is appropriate to allow defendant arrestees to bail. However, bail should be based on a number of factors including an ability to pay. I am only aware of one program that provided cash bail for women and misdemeanor offenders.

How would you work to ensure effective access to the courts for all citizens? For example, ASL and Spanish interpreters, access for those with disabilities, and diverse age representation in juries.

In an effort to provide effective access to courts, I would appear and testify at the legislature for additional funding or resources. Effective access to courts are critical in the administration of justice. As a result interpreters must be provided with cost be access to the state.

What are your previous legal experiences and how have these prepared you to handle all of the judicial responsibilities including both normal docket and duty court in a timely manner that respects citizens’ rights?

I have 36 years of practicing law, handling complex litigation and major criminal felony cases consisting of jury and judge trials. My legal experiences serves to help me move a docket in a proficient and speedy matter, I regularly start my day at 7am and this will continue as a judge.

How has the War on Drugs been effective and ineffective? What is your view on mandatory sentencing for non-violent drug offenses?

The war on drugs has primarily been ineffective. I believe mandatory minimum non violent drug offender sentencing should be largely eliminated.

What is a judge’s responsibility regarding the growing problem of overcrowding in Louisiana’s prison system?

The judge role is largely eliminated in this regard, however, proper administration of justice in a swift manner with help to reduce the population.

What makes a good temperament for a judge?

Effective listening and communicating skills and patience.

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