Pamela Taylor Johnson


Pamela Taylor Johnson

Political Party Democrat
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In a runoff with Patrick Martin


Ranked Statements

I support programs that replace traditional and/or remedial courses with advanced and/or college level courses in our district.
I believe that the racial demographics of the school districts should equitably represent the population of Baton Rouge.
I support the creation of a separate school district for St. George.
Family poverty levels affect student test scores, therefore we need a system that takes overall school poverty level into account in order to give a more accurate measure of student performance.
The school district should have the authority to mandate vaccines for children in public schools.
The school district should provide curriculum that is sensitive to race, gender, and culture.
Recess time should be required in both elementary AND middle schools.


Short-answer Questions

What is your relationship with the public school system? (Did you attend, did/are your children/grandchildren attend(ing)). Have you attended school board meetings in the past? How would your presence improve the board?

Yes, I attended public schools, my children attended public schools, my grand child is attending schools. I have attended boards meeting in the past. I am not supportive of the disdain for some the public and likewise the disrespect that is shown to board members. If elected I would return Robert Rules of Order for the conducting of meetings. I would also return standing committees to the Board. When standings committees are returned public participation and information can be more readily received. I would also engage the community by having meeting to get input on items in reference to the adoption of proposed policies.

Do you support the creation of more charter schools in Baton Rouge? What criteria would you use to determine whether to approve them? What solution would you propose to address the growing budget deficits as charters receive more dedicated funds from the general budget?

No, I do not support the creation of charter school for the purpose of displacing traditional Public Schools. However, if there is a specific education need in our community, that cannot be addressed adequately by the Local Education Authority and a charter application is submitted to meet that need adequately; yes I will vote for that charter. I believe failing charters should not be be allowed to operate. Why condemn children attending charters and receive a worst fate than attending a failing LEA school. Let’s return the money from charters back to the LEA to provide Equity to those school that the funds for students were taken away from from to create a charter.

What role does a school board member play in addressing the local challenges concerning teacher retention and hiring? How will you address the district’s teacher shortage?

It is the role of the Board to employ a superintendent that will recruit, interview, and recommend employment of school system staff. The board must approve an adequate salary scale, fund that scale, and empower the superintendent to attract and retain teachers for our school system.

The Industrial Tax Exemption Program gives exemption of property tax to industry. What is your criteria for approving or denying ITEP exemptions for the school board portion of the tax?

I do not believe industry should be exempted from the payment of School Board tax.

Would you like to clarify any of your ranked choice responses?

I believe, we must close the opportunity, and learning gap that creates a discrepancy in achievement and academic outcomes between lower income, children of color, non English Speaking Children and children with special needs. EQUITY! We know what the barriers are to closing the learning gap, let’s remove them. We must continue proving high achieving students every opportunity to continue to advance.

We are losing teachers to neighboring districts and state with a higher pay scale. WE must increase the teacher’s pay scale to exceed or equal southern average. We must provide ongoing cost of living and performance increases to our teacher.]

My goal for the District is to have high preforming teachers in every school. Teachers who are underperforming should be mentored by more experienced teachers or through a retired teaches mentorship program.

The board should re-employing an adequate student support staff to address the increasing emotional and mental health needs of students.

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