Lambert C. Boissiere


Lambert C. Boissiere

Political Party Democrat
Candidate Bio:

In a runoff with Davante Lewis.


Ranked Statements

Companies should be allowed to build larger plants, even if that will cause rate increases for individual residents in the short term.
Strongly Disagree
We should invest more in sustainable energy (i.e. wind and solar power).
Strongly Agree
Individuals should have more choices in their utilities, rather than getting stuck with a company because of a monopoly.
Strongly Agree
The Public Service Commission adequately educates consumers on issues relating to public utility, common carrier, and “Do Not Call” regulations.
Louisiana’s utility infrastructure is ready to handle major weather disasters, like hurricanes and flooding.
Strongly Disagree


Short-answer Questions

How should the Public Service Commission balance protecting consumers and protecting the profits of utility companies?

The PSC should balance the best interests of consumers against reasonable profits allowed by law.

District 3 includes much of the area deemed “Cancer Alley.” How do you view the Public Service Commissions responsibility to residents of this area?

The PSC has limited, if any, jurisdiction over many of the entities causing health issues in “Cancer Alley”.

What should voters consider when choosing their Public Service Commissioner?

Voters should look for candidates with knowledge of the utility industry. Voters should also consider the records of the candidates in fighting for consumer interests and advocating for the use of solar and other renewable energy sources.

Would you like to clarify any of your ranked choice responses.

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