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What should voters consider when choosing their Judge for Appeals Court?

Legal & Judicial Experience & Judicial Temperament & Interpreting the law as written

How have your legal experiences prepared you to work in the Appeals Court system and deal with cases from a variety of backgrounds?

I practiced law for 21 years before becoming a judge. My law practice included every type of legal matter from a broad variety of backgrounds to prepare me to deal with all of these cases on the Court of Appeal.

What issues will impact your decisions regarding adoption and custody rights case?

The ultimate goal in custody cases is to determine what is in the best interest of the children. As a Family Court Judge, I handle these types of cases every day. Although adoption cases are handled in the Juvenile Court, I will apply the law as written.

How has the War on Drugs been effective and ineffective? What is your view on mandatory sentencing for non-violent drug offenses?

It is difficult to determine if it has been effective or ineffective. I want all dealers off the streets and in jail. As a judge I must follow the law. If the Legislature changes the current law, I have to follow what is enacted into law.

What is a judge’s responsibility regarding the growing problem of overcrowding in Louisiana’s prison system?

Overcrowding in Louisiana’s prison system is not a judge’s responsibility.

Do you believe all citizens have adequate access to legal assistance and the appeals system? How can this access be improved?

Yes. There is adequate access to legal assistance. There are plenty of attorneys in Louisiana.

What makes a good temperament for a judge?

A judge must be patient and understanding and not overreact to the actions of the litigants, witnesses or attorneys. A judge must be a calm voice of reason. A judge must be quick to hear, deliberate when speaking and deciding matters and slow to anger.

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