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What should voters consider when choosing their Judge for Appeals Court?

Voters should consider experience, education, fairness, and integrity, commitment to the rule of law.

How have your legal experiences prepared you to work in the Appeals Court system and deal with cases from a variety of backgrounds?

I have worked in a court of limited jurisdiction, which is the Baton Rouge city court, and also small claims court dealing with municipal ordinances. I have also worked at the State district court where I am currently the Chief Judge and preside over four different courts, The Recovery Court, Pretrial Recovery Court, Traffic Court, and a Civil and criminal dockets. I have also presided over the fast track drug felony court. My 29 years( 4 times over what my opponents have), of experience with these different courts have prepared me to work in the Appeals Court.

What issues will impact your decisions regarding adoption and custody rights case?

The factual circumstances which arise in individual cases and the applicable law will impact my decisions on adoption and custody rights cases.

How has the War on Drugs been effective and ineffective? What is your view on mandatory sentencing for non-violent drug offenses?

Originally, I supported the war on drugs because of its focus on the traffickers, subsequently the war on drugs that the research reveals the war on drugs has been misguided. The effectiveness highlighted the relevance of drugs in our community and the adverse impact of drugs in our culture. I am not opposed to mandatory jail sentencing for drug traffickers.

What is a judge’s responsibility regarding the growing problem of overcrowding in Louisiana’s prison system?

Judges have a general indirect obligation to ensure the public safety for all persons jailed. We want to make sure jails are not overpopulated and that the conditions in jails are such that citizens are not exposed to inhumane treatment and conditions.

Do you believe all citizens have adequate access to legal assistance and the appeals system? How can this access be improved?

No, I do not believe presently that all citizens have access to legal assistance and the appeals system. It can be improved by judges who exercise administrative oversight and demand 6th amendment protection.

What makes a good temperament for a judge?

A good temperament for a judge is exercised through the procedure of justice, also known as procedural fairness, where hereby : voice, neutrality, respect and trust are the key components.

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