Davante Lewis


Davante Lewis

Political Party Democrat
Campaign Website: https://www.DavanteForLA.com/
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In a runoff with Lambert Boissiere


Ranked Statements

Companies should be allowed to build larger plants, even if that will cause rate increases for individual residents in the short term.
We should invest more in sustainable energy (i.e. wind and solar power).
Strongly Agree
Individuals should have more choices in their utilities, rather than getting stuck with a company because of a monopoly.
The Public Service Commission adequately educates consumers on issues relating to public utility, common carrier, and “Do Not Call” regulations.
Louisiana’s utility infrastructure is ready to handle major weather disasters, like hurricanes and flooding.
Strongly Disagree


Short-answer Questions

How should the Public Service Commission balance protecting consumers and protecting the profits of utility companies?

The PSC obviously has many stakeholders across its jurisdiction. But above all, as a Public Service Commissioner, I will put the needs of people, both in my district and across the State of Louisiana, first. There is no excuse for utilities like Entergy to be making record profits while failing to keep the power on for residents across the state. There is no excuse for utilities to tell residents, after years of hardening fee increases, that their infrastructure can’t withstand even moderately strong hurricanes.

Our state allows utilities to maintain monopolies over vast stretches of the state with the understanding that they would provide reliable, affordable services. They have failed to uphold their end of the bargain, and I will not accept excuses – either they start meeting the needs of ratepayers, or the PSC should change our policies so that someone else can.

District 3 includes much of the area deemed “Cancer Alley.” How do you view the Public Service Commissions responsibility to residents of this area?

These dynamics require the District 3 Commissioner to be a voice & advocate for action on climate change, for Black and Brown people all over the state, and for our people. It means the person who should be occupying this seat is thinking more about the people and less about industry and power.

Embracing renewable energy – particularly solar and wind – would not only help to combat further climate change, but would also bring down costs for ratepayers and reduce pollution in our air and water. Incentivizing these energy sources would give Louisiana the opportunity to create a New Energy Economy, with high-paying, union jobs. As such, the PSC should be taking steps towards adopting a statewide renewable portfolio standard for all Louisiana utilities. This standard should set goals for the state to eliminate utility-based carbon emissions by 2035, in line with Louisiana’s Climate Action Plan.

What should voters consider when choosing their Public Service Commissioner?

The PSC can do two critically important things to help families endure and recover from natural disasters more quickly. First, the Commission should begin the work of restoring net metering and educate the public about the many tax incentives and funds that are or will soon be available to make installation of rooftop solar and home battery systems more affordable thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act passed this year. These technologies can help ensure that families keep the lights on if and when the grid fails.

Secondly, the Commission must also start holding for-profit utilities accountable to the needs of ratepayers. It seems clear that, despite raising our electricity bills with “hardening” fees, that utilities have failed to uphold their obligations. The PSC must be aggressive in ensuring that all utility infrastructure can withstand our intensifying weather and larger, more powerful storms that scientists have warned us to expect more often.

Would you like to clarify any of your ranked choice responses.

I’m both a policy expert and someone who has personally experienced many of the struggles my district neighbors and potential constituents face every day. Month to month, far too many of us lack the means to reliably and affordably keep our homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Far too many of us have to worry about having clean water to drink and clean air to breathe.

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