Beverly Brooks Thompson


Beverly Brooks Thompson

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Political Party Democrat
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P.O. Box 14264, Baton Rouge, LA 70898
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As a small business owner and stalwart supporter of LSU, I have seen firsthand how the failure of our legislators to have hard conversations and make the tough decisions has hampered Louisiana’s potential. As a Louisiana resident for over 30 years, I have worked tirelessly on the front lines of our state’s largest institutions to make a difference in workforce and economic development and to provide access and resources to our most vulnerable citizens. I have watched frustrated and angry on the sidelines as our leaders have done very little to enact real systemic change. We need thoughtful, courageous leadership in our leaders. With collaboration comes progress, which is why I am running for the Louisiana State Senate – District 16. 

This means prioritizing education from cradle to university to educate and train our citizens. This means offering Louisiana citizens a stable tax code and economic incentives that grow our economy and support Louisiana’s businesses and workers. Our education systems must provide workforce training to ensure our citizens have the skills to secure and perform high-paying jobs. This means a fair and reasonable budget that promotes economic growth and uplifts Louisiana and its people.

We must have a return to civil discourse in our communication regarding the future of our state. This means taking politics out of the discussion and talking about common sense/common ground solutions that work – regardless of the politics. There are some who fight against the tide – speak truth about real solutions – offer to work with anyone to fix our problems but there are too many – still – who play politics with our future. It is time for this to change.

We must expect our legislators to lead with courage and to work tirelessly to balance a fair and reasonable budget that promotes economic growth and uplifts its people.  I stand ready for that challenge.


Ranked Statements

The gasoline tax should be increased to address the backlog of unaddressed infrastructure needs.
Louisiana should raise the minimum wage and enforce pay equity.
Access to healthcare through Medicare expansion should be maintained or expanded.
Tax exemptions under ITEP should be subject to approval by the local taxing authorities whose revenues are reduced when those exemptions are granted.
Legislative and state agency district lines should be drawn by an independent non-partisan entity to limit gerrymandering.
Louisiana should pass the Equal Rights Amendment.
Louisiana should have a statewide nondiscrimination bill that protects against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
Louisiana should add an "X" gender marker to drivers' licenses for nonbinary and intersex citizens to be able to access accurate and appropriate identity documents, as is current practice in Arkansas and 11 other states.


Short-answer Questions

How would you address issues of pre-K, K-12, and college funding?

A constitutional convention on fiscal issues is necessary.

Do you believe that the current tax system, which depends largely on sales tax that has a greater impact on lower-income families, is a fair tax system? What changes to the tax system, if any, would you support?

A constitutional convention on fiscal issues is necessary.

What legislation would you support to deal with coastal restoration and climate change needs?

More information is needed.

What legislation would you support to address the economic and infrastructure needs of small towns?

A gas tax is necessary. Continuing to refine the ITEP approval process is needed.

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