Aaron Moak

Aaron Moak, mc4, 2020

Aaron Moak

Political Party Republican
Campaign Website: www.aaronmoak.com
5140 Fryers Ave. Greenwell Springs 70739


Ranked Statements

1. The East Baton Rouge mask mandate is lawful and should remain in place as long as necessary.
2. East Baton Rouge Parish should continue disputing the incorporation of St. George.
3. LGBTQ individuals and families should be protected locally from discrimination in the workplace, housing, and public accommodations.
4. When presented with an ITEP request, the guidelines adopted by the council should be strictly adhered to in making their determination.
5. Baton Rouge and other municipalities should have legal control over their area’s minimum wage.
6. The Metro Council should increase transparency by requiring data collection and regular reporting by contractors and the sheriff’s office on the operations, conditions, and use of funds for the parish prison.
Strongly Agree
7. The Metro Council does a satisfactory job of awarding government contracts to ensure that all businesses are given a fair chance - including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE).


Short-answer Questions

1. Why are you running for Metro Council and how have your experiences prepared you for the responsibilities of this office?

I am running for Metro Council because I want to bring the experience and knowledge I have from serving the public as a Councilperson for the City of Central. Past experiences on economic development and board member of the Chamber of Commerce

2. How will you ensure the Metro Council vets dedicated tax proposals and provides information to the public prior to bringing them to a vote?

By insuring that if any proposals that affect the public and taxes are handled in a public forum.

3. The Metro Council appoints members to several local boards and commissions. What should be taken into consideration when making these appointments? When should an appointee accused of misconduct be removed?

Appointments should be looked at by knowledge in the field and a willingness to learn and serve on that particular position

4. How would you balance what you feel is best for your district versus what may be best for the parish as a whole?

By looking at a situation with everyone in mind and getting input and having discussions with other council members as you can. In local matters to District 4 I would look at how this could affect the parish as a whole.

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